Version 3.1.7 - June 2, 2018, STABLE Candidate Release

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Version 3.1.7 - June 2, 2018, STABLE Candidate Release

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Version 3.1.7 - June 2, 2018, STABLE Candidate Release
NOTE: This release was primarily meant to be a bug fix release, but some small features were added, along with changes to help improve server configuration and operations.

New Features

1. Added support for club specific awards. This gives the ability for clubs to add awards that are specific to the club (via the club information file). Clubs can also remove standard awards that are not applicable to that club. Any added club specific award will also add a QSL Message variable that can be used in forming the QSL message when logging a contact.

Minor Enhancements

1. Added the ability to specify the state of the Manual Highlighter when starting up. This can be done in the Preferences dialog (under the Edit menu). Also added the ability for clubs to override the current Manual Highlighter setting for nets created for that club. Note however, that this setting is not locked, i.e. a logger can still switch back and forth after the net is started.

2. Added support for server clusters. This only affects net creation. Instead of choosing a server to create a net on, users will be choosing a server cluster. For now, all production clusters have only one server, and the cluster name is the same as the server name. In the future this might change. NetLogger will automatically choose a particular server from the cluster, based on the total number of net subscribers on each server in the cluster, when there are more than one server in a cluster.

3.Added some callsign slash shortcuts when entering a callsign that allows the logger to quickly set some common award status values. These work in a similar fashion to /M and /P when setting mobile or portable status when entering a callsign. The new shortcuts are /C for Combo (CMB), /Q for QRP, /S for State Capitol (SC), /T for Trucker (TRK) and /Y for YL. These short cuts don't remain as part of the callsign after they are entered. Note that entering /QRP after a callsign now sets the QRP award status, but the /QRP (instead of using /Q) will remain as part of the callsign, since some stations prefer that.

4. Added support for a club specific default setting for the QSL Info field in the Check-ins table. If the club specifies a default value for the QSL Info field it will be used if no entry for that field is found in the club profile or via a callbook (e.g. QRZ) lookup. Note that this substitution only happens if the the Profile and CallBook Order setting for the QSL Info field includes using the club profile.

5. Added support to immediately check for unsupported characters when entering a net name in order to provide immediate feedback, rather than waiting for the name to be rejected by the server.

6. Added and/or modified help pages to document the above changes. Added more details regarding the club information file format, including new variables and sections to support the new club related features.

7. Added support for updating the server configuration and the ClubInfoList.txt file from the NetLogger server. This allows updates to happen without having to release a new version of NetLogger.

8. Added a new Subscribers column in the Nets in Progress table. This shows the current number of people monitoring the net (i.e. this doesn't include offline entries). The data was needed for support of the server cluster feature mentioned above, and it seemed worthwhile to make available.
9. For the Linux version, some configuration changes were made to reduce external dependencies. Also, the libpng16 library was included in the distribution, since netlogger depends on it, and older Linux distributions don't typically have that version available. The net result is a Linux version of NetLogger that should install on a wider variety of both older (e.g. Debian Jessie based) and new (Debian SID "buster" based) Linux distributions.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where auto save check-ins file names did not have a .log extension.
-Fixed a bug where logger promotion failed if the net password was 2, 9, 11 or 18 characters long.
-Fixed a bug where some characters (e.g. the # sign) could not be used in an account password (e.g. QRZ lookup, etc.).
-Fixed a bug that was preventing the download of Log of the World status (which was exposed by a change on the Log of the World server).
-Fixed an obscure bug (that led to NetLogger crashing) that was only seen by people who manually edited their ClubInfoList.txt file.
-Fixed a bug where a cell in the Check-ins table that was being modified by the logger wasn't always properly locked and therefore could interfere with what the logger was entering when a server update caused a restoration of the previous value.
-Fixed a bug that could cause a NetLogger crash when attempting to import an ADIF file that wasn't an ADIF formatted file.
-Fixed a bug that could cause a NetLogger crash when using a U.S. based LoTW certificate that didn't contain a U.S. State.
-Fixed two Qt bugs that could lead to a NetLogger crash.

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