2.9 and version 3 possible virus

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2.9 and version 3 possible virus

Post#1 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:37 pm

Both version of 2.9 and 3 after install, antivirus softwares report a virus in the software (gsvqicon.dll.) virus-win32 generic trojan. Has anyone else seen this?

Wayne Lachat

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Re: 2.9 and version 3 possible virus

Post#2 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:01 am

Virus scanners normally don't just look at the file name, they look at the contents and look for a "signature" that matches in their database. But this signature can happen as a result of random data in the dll, leading to a false positive. If Zone Alarm is triggering purely on the file name then the authors of Zone Alarm are uninformed (to put it nicely) because most Qt based applications will install the qsvgicon.dll plugin.

It's possible that some program with adware deliberately added to it was written in Qt and therefore had that plugin in it, leading to people associating that file name with adware, but that would be a mistake.

Regardless, we can't change the name. qsvgicon.dll is a Qt plugin (it is the platform graphics support for icons used in the application) used bymost Qt based application. NetLogger is one of many Qt based applications.

If the problem was name based then the ZoneAlarm folks would be getting inundated with false positive reports, since there are a lot of Windows applications based on Qt. Perhaps that is actually happening.

Have you updated your version of Zone Alarm recently?

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Re: 2.9 and version 3 possible virus

Post#3 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:08 pm

As John has mentioned, this is a false positive, and I believe only one or two of the virus scanners trigger on it. However, I looked to determine if this was needed by NetLogger. The file in question (and two others) are to support scalable vector graphics (icons in this case). I don't plan to use scalable vector graphic files at this point, and I determined NetLogger runs just fine without it.

So this file will be removed from the 3.0.3 release that will be coming in the next day or so.

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