Check-in list missing info (County,Grid Sq, Street, Zip)

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Check-in list missing info (County,Grid Sq, Street, Zip)

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:23 am

Greetings! I have been using Netlogger successfully for about one month. Have logged 64 contacts on the 3905 CCN. Shortly after Groundhog day, the Check-in List started to leave many columns blank. There is no info for City, County, Grid Sq, Street, etc. When a station is then logged, the info is blank in the Contacts block also. I checked the "Club Profile Set-up" - it's set to "3905CCN". Interestingly, it works just fine on OMISS, even though I have never checked-in there. Got any ideas on how to restore the missing info ?? Thanks.

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Re: Check-in list missing info (County,Grid Sq, Street, Zip)

Post#2 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:52 pm

The contents of a checkin list for a live net are under the exclusive control of the NCS.
Differing results may be seen depending on several factors;

* The club profile the NCS is using for the Net (if any)
* Whether or not the NCS has a subscription to
* How the NCS has their copy of NetLogger configured.

For more info on what is possible please refer to the NetLogger HELP files entitled Configuring Profile vs. Callbook Lookups

In your case it sounds like something in one (or more) of the these areas changed in the time frame you mentioned.
It could be simply a different NCS who has things set up in a different way.
If there is someone at 3905cc in charge of NCS training and standards maybe they can help you understand why things changed suddenly.

To reiterate, this is a direct result of the actions of the NCS and not anything you can change or configure on your side.

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