NetLogger as my only logger, for net contacts and non-net contacts

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NetLogger as my only logger, for net contacts and non-net contacts

Post#1 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:41 pm

Contacts Logger
"...NetLogger provides the functions of a contacts logging program. It allows contacts to be added and deleted from a contacts database. Contacts already in the database can also be edited..."

I am using NetLogger as my only logger, for net contacts and non-net contacts as well (remember "CQ"?)

I am having a few problems with this. When I add a (non-net) contact, whatever is in the Net area (above the log) is entered automatically into the log. Also, if I click on upload to eQSL it is successful, but if I click on upload to LoTW, it fails.

I would like, so that when I click on the + plus sign, it adds a blank line, but it copies from the line below the frequency, my station details, and it inserts the current time and date, so I just need to type the other station call letters and RST reports. It would be good to be able to move those columns closer to the left, in this case.

Also, to be able to upload to LoTW a contact entered directly into the log.

My current work-around is to clear the net area, then enter the worked station into the net area, as if the worked station is checked into a net, (my own personal net), and I change some of the net settings, Freq, etc. Then I highlight the station and click on Log Contact button as if the station is from the net. If I do this, then LoTW upload works.

May I make additional suggestions here? I would like to keep my log details in the cloud, and back up to the cloud. It doesn't matter whether I use my Google account or use the NetLogger server as my big backup. In fact, that is something that I would be glad to pay for, and if enough people used the Net Logger server as backup, it would help to pay for the servers. Also, I would like to have a single log file. I have two station locations, upstairs in the den, and downstairs in the basement. I make contacts from both locations using different computers. It is a bother to keep both machines in sync with the log. It would be nice to keep both machines using the same log file, in the cloud, or on the Netlogger server.

Also, a little advice for everyone using NetLogger. When I am on a Net, and I work a station, I can enter the RST for both stations directly in the Net area (top half) and then click Log Contact. When checking in, I listen to the stations checking in, and note their RST as they check in. That way I have an indication of which stations I can hear. I click Green on any stations that I "need" with F4.

Thanks for looking
73, Joe W3TTT

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Re: NetLogger as my only logger, for net contacts and non-net contacts

Post#2 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:23 pm

This is a "me too" response regarding Joe's suggestion for an option that would allow the config directory -- or at least the logfile to be stored somewhere other than the default location (\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\NetLogger\ on Windows systems). We can specify the location of the backup logfile, but not the main one. I join Joe in wanting to be able to store it in the cloud (i.e. Google Drive or OneDrive) so that I can access the same logfile from multiple computers at multiple locations. Right now, any way you slice it, an excessive amount of human intervention is required to move files from place to place, which I believe could be obviated by using the cloud.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.

Ben - AE4NT

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Re: NetLogger as my only logger, for net contacts and non-net contacts

Post#3 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:54 pm

I like this suggestion as well. That way, no matter where I open Netlogger, when I sign in, my entire log is there for my use during nets. Great idea!

73, Bobby KF5GTX
OMISS, YLSystem, 3905CCN, NATA
73, Bobby Duncan, KF5GTX
3905CCN, NATA, OMISS, YLSystem

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