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Active nets

Post#1 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:21 pm

Make it so that any new net becomes active via netlogger when the op starts the net with the program. I am not sure where one would actually setup a net so netlogger will or would see it.


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Re: Active nets

Post#2 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:38 pm

It's unclear what you are asking for from your description.

Can you explain in a little further detail exactly what you mean and how it might behave?

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Re: Active nets

Post#3 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:11 pm

OK, I may be off, but let me try to read between the lines and discuss this, since I have thought a little about possibilities in this area.

I think the general area you are trying to address is that you start NetLogger waiting for a net to start, and rather than constantly checking for it you'd like the program to instantly start monitoring as soon as the net is opened.

Now, the issue becomes, how does the program choose which net to monitor? Your post implied that it would monitor any new net that opened. That doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Imagine some NCS in Florida creating a 2 meter net and all of a sudden he has 30 participants from across the country, none of which can hear him or are even interested in joining a 2m net in FL.

So, let me first mention one significant difference between NL2.4 and NL2.9.x regarding the Nets In Progress window. For NL2.4 you need to keep retrying, i.e. it doesn't update the contents of that window. It makes one request, and displays the results. NL2.9.x will keep rechecking once every 20 seconds, so you can just leave the Nets In Progress window up waiting for a net to open, and it will show it within 20 seconds of it opening. So perhaps if you weren't aware of that feature you may already have most of what you want.

One possible enhancement would be an optional popup that told you when the status changed, so you can do something else while waiting and the more visible pop up would tell you when something new showed up (but you'd still have to choose to monitor that net).

The final possibility would require you to specify a net name that you are looking for. The problem is that net names can be kind of long and if you got it wrong (or the NCS chose to use a different name), you would possibly miss the net starting. I can help with the typing problem by having you add the nets you are interested in to your "My Nets" list, and then allowing you to pick one from that list to look for. I'm OK with auto joining a net you are intentionally looking for. Another possibility would be a "band and club" choice. That would only work for the clubs that have configured things to support Auto Profile Switching (Currently that list is OMISS, YLSystem, HHHNET, Good Ole Boys Group, Moonlighters and SVARA), which provides a correlation between a Club Profile and a list of net names (again that would only work if the NCS/Logger chose a conforming net name, but there is a little more latitude there than specifying a specific name). You could then specify that you want to automatically join the next OMISS network that starts on 40 meters. That's specific enough for me, but would only work for the clubs who have done the appropriate configuration.

Just be clear that there is no way I'm implementing a "join every net that starts up" feature.



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