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LoTW Blues

Post#1 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:24 pm

Additional information to Support Ticket #147750

I am currently using NetLogger version 3.1.7 (linux), and find it to so easy to use, that it has become my default logging software. Other than having to 'tweak' the QSL message a bit, sending contacts to eQSL is easy. However, sending contacts to LoTW is proving to be a pain. (I am using TrustedQSL version 2.3.1 - linux.)

Thinking that my problem was due to a certificate password, I:

    1) removed the LoTW/TQSL certificate in $HOME/.config/NetLogger/LoTW_Certs
    2) removed the password from the certificate using the information located at https://lotw.arrl.org/lotw-help/removecertificatepassword/
    3) imported the 'password-less' certificate into NetLogger
    4) re-set my location with the newly imported certificate

When performing 'Update Status of Uploaded LoTW contacts', I am prompted for my LoTW password, then the program returns that I have no contacts uploaded. This is expected.

When performing 'Upload Selected Contacts to LoTW', I get the following error (Note that there was not a password request):

Code: Select all

10 of 10 selected contacts either do not have a LoTW certificate associated with them, the associated certificate is no longer known to NetLogger, or a password for a certificate was not provided.  Upload aborted.

Checking the NetLogger.ini file, I have the following pertaining to LoTW, which looks good to me:
    LoTWLastQslDownload=2018-11-21 16:09:22
    LoTWLastQsoDownload=2018-11-21 16:09:22
    LoTWPassword=[*** removed for security purposes ***]

At this point, I am at a loss on how to 'auto-magically' upload my contacts to LoTW from NetLogger.

Bobby - KN4I

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